Ikarunchi – TRIBU VIBES

Rituals and Music of the Forest

A journey to discover the role of Healing Music during the Tribes rituals of the Amazon Forest of Brazil, Peru and Colombia

A Journey telling how Music and Plants join together in a Healing mission without “undesirable side effects” through the direct experience with tribes and communities who use the gifts of Pachamama (Mother Earth) to cure body and soul guided by music channeled and composed specially for this purpose.

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Ikarunchi – THE PROJECT

By ZU  /  4 October 2017
HOW THE IDEA WAS BORNED: In the professional and research path of Zu he has always promoted music as a...
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Ikarunchi – Il progetto

By ZU  /  3 October 2017
COME NASCE L’IDEA: Nel percorso professionale e di ricerca, ZU ha sempre valorizzato la musica come veicolo di conoscenza. Inizialmente...
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