432 Hz Ayahuasca Ceremonies

ZuMusic Project is specialized in 432 hz Musical Ceremonies using Master Plants of the Amazon Rainforest


The realization of the 432 hz Musical Rituals with the Power Plants comes after a long experience in the field and through the teachings of Latin America shamans and curanderos


As far as this is concerned, you can check our project “IKARUNCHI – TRIBU VIBES – a Journey to discover the role of Healing Music during the Tribes rituals of the Amazon Forest of Brazil, Peru and Colombia” in order to learn more about some of the Masters we met during our investigation in Latin America.

In addition to this sacred traditional knowledge, ZuMusic Project (under the suggestion of the shamans themselves) propose the virtues of the 432 hz Music, introducing the Sound of the Analog Synthesizer and the HandPan in the Healing Rituals, to lead the participants, through specific frequencies and sounds, into a very deep introspective journey.

The Musical Repertoire of our Rituals is entirely performed live with the traditional healing songs (ICAROS) played with voice, guitar, chakapa, maraca, shamanic drum, drums etc. and others moments of Vibrational Experience with HandPan and Analog Synthesizer tuned in 432 hz.

The Rituals we propose are in group or individual. We perform personalized treatments with Ayahuasca – Rapè – Sananga – Kambo.

To participate in our rituals we recommend a period of energetic cleansing before and after the ceremony that includes healthy eating, abstention from sexual relations, from taking medications, from drugs and alcohol.

Visit the “events” section of this site to find out the dates and locations of the upcoming ceremonies.

For information on: plants used, rituals, costs and reservations write to info@zumusic.org


and try a “Peaceful State” with the Vibration of the 432 Hz

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