432 Hz the tuning that resonates with life

The universe is a set of frequencies creating in harmony the concert of life.

We, as biological and spiritual beings living in this world, are also part of the notes of this wonderful symphony. Our bodies, as our thoughts, vibrate, emit frequencies, notes.

It is up to us to understand how to resonate with the all to play together with it.

by Andrea ZU 

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Everything vibrates

In order to understand this concept we have to assume that everything vibrates because everything is energy. Albert Einstein explained this saying: “… what we call” matter “is nothing but energy, the senses can perceive its vibration because it has been lowered, matter itself doesn’t exist.” Everything then, visible or invisible, alive or dead (apparently dead) from the galaxy to the smallest atomic particle is nothing but energy. The magazine you are holding now is vibrating, the hand holding it vibrates, the atoms making up the cup of tea are vibrating, the dried herbs in the cup vibrate. They emit sounds.

The human ear is not able to perceive these sounds because our five senses are limited and they only show a part of what we call, with presumption, “reality”. The human ear can perceive frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. If we can perceive frequencies outside this limited range, we would be able to hear the vibration that our Planet Earth produces during its rotation, or the sound produced by the vibration of atomic particles that form our body. But also the flavours, images, smells, and tactile perceptions are brain reprocessing of frequencies. What we perceive is an “approximate reality”. A simplified version made by our brain about what surrounds us.


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FrequenciesUomo Vitruviano Sezione aurea

The frequencies are displacements of particles around the rest position of a specific object, it is called the source of the sound. The particles in their turn, starting to oscillate, forward movement to other particles close to them that in turn forward it to other particles, causing a local variation of the pressure; in this way, a simple vibratory movement mechanically propagates rising a sound wave.

To enter into Resonance

Another important concept to learn is the resonance or better the “sympathetic resonance”: what is in harmony with a certain vibration, it will resonate with it. This means that if for example we beat a diapason (iron fork that generates a standard note, typically used to tune musical instruments) at a given frequency and we bring it close to another tuning fork set at the same frequency, this will begin to vibrate “for sympathy ” by emitting the same sound without being beaten. Magic? Not at all, rather the “law of attraction”.

The human being is like an acoustic instrument that emanates certain frequencies, which are able to make vibrate for sympathetic resonance other similar frequencies, attracting them. The thought itself is energy vibrating, so positive emotions of a certain frequency, probably will attract positive events in our lives. Confucius said: “Things that accord in tone vibrate together”.

The modern tuning

In the West, the modern musical tuning, sets the A 440 Hz. It means that all the other notes of the instrument are tuned with this frequency, and then in an orchestra, for the uniformity need, the note A played by various instruments issued a frequency of 440 vibrations per second (Hertz). This rate, which was used by the Russian and Austrian military groups, it has been established for the first time in London in 1939 during an international conference requested by the Berlin Radio Acoustics Commission. Most of the music we hear today in the media or in the street respect this rule. In the past many timeless music genius agreed that the A should be tuned to 432 Hz, also called “La Verdiano” (Verdi’s A) as Giuseppe Verdi was a great supporter of this. In 1881 he wrote a letter to the musical commission of the Government of that time, that is still preserved at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan, where he asked specifically to bring the tuner A to 432 Hz for “mathematical needs”.

The law of the octave

This tuning is related to the mathematics of the “8”, becoming in perfect harmony with the “law of the octave.” In the past those who knew the power and the right use of the octave law were able to create works still considered masterpieces of extraordinary beauty because they could enter into sympathetic resonance with the cells of the human body and with the other laws that govern the universe.

The number ‘8’ is one of the most frequent numbers in nature and is universally present in all its aspects. I could bring many examples to support this thesis, not only in art, but also in architecture, chemistry, biology, astronomy and religion. The number ‘8’ and its multiples were used in the Egyptian, Vedic, Muslim, Buddhist, and Renaissance architecture: temples, churches, mosques, castles and palaces, have in their octagonal architecture this sacred number. Leonardo Da Vinci used the mathematics of eight in most of his works. There is an extensive bibliography about the relationship between the proportions of prime numbers (the golden section) and nature.

Tuning our musical instruments at the frequency of A 432 Hz, and obtaining adequate calculations with the so called “Golden Scale” we will get a C 256 Hz that due to the sympathetic resonance of the note overtones will produce another C exactly to 8 Hz.

Without going too much into the dynamics of the mathematical relationships of this topic, there are some examples that will make understand the importance of this frequency in relation to our surroundings: 8 Hz is the frequency of DNA replication; is the frequency that activate the pineal gland, or “thirt eye”, or “Ajna”; is the Alpha frequency that emits our brain when the two hemispheres are in coherence; is the resonance frequency (vibrational moment 1 / 0,125) of hydrogen, the molecule that together with the oxygen forms water, the main element of our body.

432 Hz Music

Now let’s focus on the sensory aspect of listening to the 432 Hz music
On You Tube you can easily find an emblematic video showing the famous baritone Piero Cappuccilli executing the famous Verdi’s aria in two versions with 432 Hz and 440 Hz. Although the difference of only 8 Hz is almost imperceptible to the ear, this is not right considering a “total listening” involving through the frequency the human being in its physical and biological sensoriality.

For some musicians and thinkers of the past, music had to be a sublime therapy to rebuild the harmony of body and soul; according to Ludwig van Beethoven music is “a higher wisdom than philosophy and theology”

This is why it is important to be careful about what we listen to and get information about the “ingredients” composing the music that every day “feeds us”. We should perhaps ask ourselves why historically it has been established the A 440 Hz imposing a frequency that stimulates the brain to tune with the frequencies it emits when we are in the waking state, of excitement, of alertness or under stress, in rationality and action mode. The frequency to 432 Hz leads to tune into a deeper state, activating higher cognitive capabilities, such as creativity, open-mindedness, hospitality, sensitivity.

The testimonies, that I personally continue to collect during these years of musical practice strictly in 432 Hz, agree that this frequency goes straight to the heart, entering the depths of the soul. It has something more than the standard 440 Hz. The music in 432 Hz is perfect for activities such as yoga, meditation, visualization, insight and those that use “Different States of Consciousness.” The infrasound of this tuning activate, by sympathetic resonance, frequencies that the brain should emit during these phases, thereby facilitating their achievement.
In recent years we are seeing a growth of information about the use of so-called “beneficial frequencies” in the field of health issues. It is more common now to listen to 432Hz music during yoga classes and in the wellness centers, promoting so heavily, what could become a real musical revolution, finally able to help us to harmonize body and soul, so that they can play together with the all.




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  20 comments for “432 Hz the tuning that resonates with life

  1. Bianca Belli
    6 July 2015 at 11:38

    fantastico, se possibile ricevere i vostri studi in italiano? grazie

  2. 15 October 2015 at 15:39

    Amo tutto ciò! E’ un campo affascinante, già per conto mio ho iniziato un percorso…. grazie per quello che stai facendo! E’ davvero una grande meraviglia.

    • ZU
      20 October 2015 at 11:29

      Ciao Elena, speriemo che i nostri percorsi possano incrociarsi.
      Un abbraccio e grazie

  3. 3 December 2015 at 15:41

    Good article, thankyou

  4. 29 December 2015 at 2:52

    you an use your own tuning forks to tune to the Verdi pitch from SWB 256 Tuning Forks. 432 Hz, 256 Hz and many others.

  5. Fabiano Duarte
    7 March 2016 at 2:11

    Excelente matéria!

  6. manu
    10 January 2017 at 15:31

    amo questa meraviglia!!! love it!!!

  7. jezil mehta
    20 March 2017 at 6:17

    hello , i want to tune my harmonium to 432 and sing as well ,i aslo wanted to know if there is a perfect tuner or equlizer that i can see pitch or frequncy , plz guide me as to how i can go about in very detail , thank you .jezil mehta

    • ZU
      23 March 2017 at 16:14

      Hallo Jezil, thanks for writeing. I think it is not possible to set your armonium in 432 hz easily. You should modify all the machine inside the instrument. About the perfect tuner in internet you can find a lot of them. Peronally i’m using “Pich Perfect”: http://www.nch.com.au/tuner/index.html

  8. Cisco
    13 September 2017 at 13:53

    Hola Zu!
    I love what you do, the combination between handpan and synth sound amazing!
    Just a question, what kind of synth do you use? It looks really tiny and smart 🙂

    • Zu
      13 September 2017 at 14:19

      Hola Cisco. Thanks for writeing to me!
      The synth is a KORG MONOTRIBE
      Goood vibrations

  9. 24 March 2018 at 17:07

    Salve. Sono il fondatore e direttore del The Geminiani Project, con sede a Londra (www.geminianiproject.com): intanto complimenti per il lavoro che stai facendo! Avrei piacere di fare una chiacchierata sul 432hz, se ti va… il mio numero (anche whattsapp) è +417712228552, oppure puoi scrivere a thegeminianiproject@gmail.com. Ti aspetto .
    A presto

    Gian Marco Sanna

    • ZU
      11 April 2018 at 14:32

      Ciao Gian Marco, grazie per avermi contattato, ti ho risposto su mail privata
      Grazie e a presto

  10. 4 March 2020 at 23:57

    Ho trovato una pagina in cui ti insegna come convertire la musica in 432 hz: https://432hz.website/it/3-modi-per-convertire-la-musica-da-440hz-a-432hz/

  11. Jacqueline Mecheri
    23 March 2020 at 20:10

    It just sits right in my GUT this is needed….I believe EVERYTHING is frequency and we are deliberately being fed frequencies disrupting us…WHY do I believe that? the severe headache for 4 weeks has NOT lessened until I played your tracks…..this is medicine….. THANK YOU

    • Zu
      23 March 2020 at 21:38

      Viva la Musica! The first medicine for body and soul! Thanks Jaky

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