With great enthusiasm I would like to introduce you to my last musical-experiential work included in the CD titled “432 Hz Pindaric Flight” for HandPan & Analog Synthesizer made after many concerts and a long period of study and direct experimentation on the sound effects in the human beings, including the beneficial frequency of 432 Hz (see below). 


Bandiera italiana

“Wich is the topic of this CD?”

  • To be touched by listening to an original and unique Sound Experience that, through specific frequencies, is able to:
  • Clearing your mind from thoughts
  • Facilitating a state of presence and hemispheric balance
  • Removing stress
  • Facing emotional releases and anxiety
  • Inducing higher states of awareness

“It is recommended if”

  • If you love the HandPan sound and feel it as a magical sound from another world
  • If you like acoustic and electronic experimental music
  • If you practice meditation
  • If you practice technics or rituals that adopt higher states of consciousness
  • If you are determined to find your Shadow Side and release the Inner Emotional Blocks

Zu Synth DomeHere you can listen to a preview while reading this article

Better with HeadPhones or good Hi-Fi

“Why This CD is Unique, Different From All Others?”

Let me explain the term “Pindaric Flight” comes from the name of the Greek poet and singer Pindar, a great exponent of the choral lyric and refers to a particular and higher state of the being, through which you can experience parallel dimensions of reality made of hallucinations, visions, colors and unusual shapes. The Flight is indicative of a non-acceptance of reality, focused to find a solution inside that will consequently bring a change in the outside reality. 

The idea of combining the HandPan and Analog Synthesizer comes from a double need:

  1. Enhancing the effects of 432 Hz tuning (see below)
  2. Creating a sort of musical TAO (sound/noise light/shadow ying/yang)

Volka Bass con HandPanAn acoustic musical instrument, even if tuned at 432 Hz, won’t be able to give the 100% of the tuning beneficial effects due to physical and acoustic issues and because of the imprecision of the musical scale our modern music is based on.

Then, the use of an electronic device such as the Analog Synthesizer, compensates for these “acoustic gaps” with the precise setting of specific beneficial frequencies transmitted through the listening.

The Synthesizer becomes a real musical instrument that can convey emotions in a continuous duet (sometimes conflicting) with the HandPan melodies in a sort of musical TAO where the sweetness of the latter is “scratched” by the electronic and dissonant sound of the Analog Synthesizer in a provocative act that has the purpose to reveal the most shadowy part of the Human Being.


“The shadow is the part of us that we must recognize and integrate

because without it we will not be complete” ­

(Carl Gustav Jung )


“What Are The Effects Of Music in 432 Hz?”

Tatiana Marchetto Counselor

This part is written by the  Counselor Tatiana Marchetto*. You can learn more about 432 Hz by reading this article: 432 Hz the tuning that resonates with life

During this experimental period we have learnt that 432 Hz music played in this way and with these instruments, gets the following results:

  • Mental calmness. A sensation of deep peace and serenity.
  • A “Coming Back Home” feeling. This is because this tuning resonates with us, with our biology, with our spiritual side and we have been deprived of it.
  • The approach to our shadow side. The part of us that we do not admit to our conscience because we consider it negative and we fear it. This is the result of our education and beliefs. On the contrary the shadow has the same importance as light, integrating them we can achieve the oneness and evolve, overcoming our limits we will increase our selfawareness. Thus we need to find the way to love also our shadow side because it is us!
  • Emotional releases. Our body is an important way towards the truth, the messages it send to us are precious. It is really smart, if it allows us to live sensations, emotions that were removed it means that in this moment of our evolution we have the tools and the right preparation to welcome and sublimate the contents that we considered painful, overcoming our limits.
  • To access to different levels of reality and get prophetic visions, insights and ideas.
  • To access to our unconscious mind, which affects us in life and in choices, becoming the real creators of our dynamics.
  • To regain a genuine contact with ourselves, with our central nucleus, our inner child, that is normally suppressed by a very thick armor that protects us from suffering but also prevents us from truly enjoying life. Training ourselves to listen to our feeling we understand that the truth is inside us and that anything happens it is attracted by us because it resonates with our frequencies. Overcoming the fear of our immense power, we can change our reality.
  • To feel ourselves part of the ALL, to feel that there is no separation, to feel that what happens to our planet and to all its inhabitants it happens also to ourselves.

For each of us the experience is different because we are unique and different one to the other. I mean that while listening to this CD you will not live these feelings all together but most probably a part of them.






Now comes the fun part!

Now I explain you the tangible results, the effects I found during experiment and study on the field


“How the experimentation has been done?”

The experimentation has been done through a WorkShop called “432 Hz VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCE”. It is an educational and sensorial classes with live music played by myself with HandPan and Analog Synthesizer. After a step of preparation to the experience the participants choose a comfortable position. Lulled by the HandPan sonority and totally immersed in the 432 Hz Analog Synthesizer sound, they begin a vibrational trip inside themselves.

They were more than 100 WorkShop made in several cities in Italy (including Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Turin, Treviso, Aosta) an abroad: Thailand, Indonesia and soon in India, Mexico and Brasil.

WorkshoW koh phangan

During these workshops participants have the chance to experience themselves and their feelings. At the end the “Emotional Supporter” (Counselor) Tatiana Marchetto* support the group to understand, welcome and release emotional unblocks that may arise from a deep work made through this vibrational experience .

“Which are the results achieved by the participants?”


Patrizia Sharon Guyon Pellissier

“The work with ZU, Tatiana and the 432hz vibrations of handpan and analog synt together, is really powerful. A wonderful and unique experience.

The fusion of “light and shadow”, the energy awakening, the trip inside the body over the body. The contact with unknown or forgiven parts. I feel deeply grateful to experiment all this. Thank you!”

Patrizia Sharon Guyon Pellissier – employee


Alberto Grosso“Hi guys, 432 Hz experience? I recommend it. Mainly for the results: the harmony that you can get from a taste of what we can be. ZU and Tatiana are available and knowledgeablane, they carry out this project with passion, they are ready to listen if there are doubts or, simply if you want to express and share feelings and emotions that may arise from this experience (and I assure you that there are), they will be able to give advises. Of course there are a lot of things to learn about this topic but I suggest you to live the experience before. Resonating with the All and interacting with the All, this is what you get: the possibility to comunicate also with ourselves at levels that sometimes remain hidden. I let you imagine the results.”  Alberto Grosso – ­ photogrpher and graphic designer


Paola PeschiulliMy name is Paola Peschiulli, I’m organizer of holistic events and I’m also an holistic professional. The vibrational experience with ZU is difficult  to describe with words because they couldn’t convey the intensity of physical sensations and energy that I felt. I made a trip (inside or outside me ???) at first I felt that I was energy and not only body (known sensation) then I felt to be nothing, I wasn’t even energy, but just the nothing, no sensory references, because in the nothing they are not necessary, because I was the nothing. ­ ­ Paola Peschiulli ­ – Holistic Events Organizer


Thanks to practice and experimentation, session after session, I could improve the technique about guiding the recepient in a inner trip through the use of frequencies and Analog Synth. electronic sounds that increases its presence and provocative attitude progressively during the experience.
But also through the music emotions, able to transmit joy, melancholy, fulfillment through the rhythm of the song that is very important because the repetition of specific bit stimulates a state of trance, giving a sort of “musical anchor” on which the listener can entrust.

The BPM choose for the music is always a multiple of 8. Click on this link to discover the secrets of this number.



The final result of all this experimentation is included in this CD!


Download the new complete CD



“What does the Package in the Download contain”

6 SONGS IN 432 HZ: 1 hour and 13 minutes of sonic experience in 432 hz

HIGH QUALITY VERSION: to get the best effect (induction to higher states of consciousness, hemispheric balancing, emotional releases) I recommend to use the (HQ) HIGH QUALITY VERSION and LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES or a GOOD Hi-Fi ables to activate a greater number of harmonics that will run over the body cells making them vibrate.

MP3 VERSION: if you just want to listen to good music for HandPan and Analog Synthesizer, use the MP3 version and listen to it as you like!

SONIC EXPERIENCE GUIDE: a guide (21 pages in PDF) with some Technical and Practical Advices to make you enjoy the most of this unique Vibrational Experience. Here you will find also the “History” of each 5 tracks the “Experiential Path” and more details about the relationship between the sound in 432 Hz and the Human Being.

CD COVER: in JPG format to match the audio tracks to an image, so you can easily find the album in your mobile phone or PC.

BONUSTRACK: “Planet 8” (Handpan & Analog Synth) – you can already download it here:







“Hi ZU, I just listened to your new CD! Really impressive the immediate effect on the third eye…thank you! I hope to have the opportunity to listen to a live performance when you will be back to Italy”

Luana Bettiol – Karuna Reiki Therapist and vibrational techniques –



Walter Scandiuzzi.

“It clears my mind, I get hypnotized and in that moment I stop thinking … after the listening I feel significantly relieved …it is like removing a huge weight from my heart”.

Walter Scandiuzzi ­ – salesman at Music Store



“Hi ZU, here it is what I felt after listening to your CD. The numbers corresponds to the tracks 1) energy increasing 2) a vortex at sixth chakra, mind annulment, expansion, vision, heartbeating perception, steady rhytm, UNION HEART – MIND,  anger emotions expulsion, anxiety and so on. Peace of mind! 3) contact with the Heart, mental silence, third eye opening and expansion 4) body expansion, cells dancing and vibrating in resonance with the Heart, “Dance of Life”, return to the first chakras, which creates connection to higher ones…. CHILDBIRTH: “I am what I am” !!! Unconditional love, light for the soul 5) sweet returning to the “self”, cells dancing the Joy of Living “ALL IS ONE”, Magnetic resonance, singing the hymn of Life! EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION !!! This is my first listen, and in the second made immediately after during the half-asleep: 1) burning hands 2) breaking the mental vomit 3) trance 4) awakening 5) awareness”  Anna De Luca ­ – Dealer –  Holistic Professional – Usui and Karuna Reiki Master



ZU’s music… What can I say about it? A lot. I think, much more than you are ready to read at once). I live in Siberia. Well, it is not a tropical paradise at all)) And I’m far not a Buddha. Yet, I hope) So, I physically feel, how my body-mind is being intoxicated every day with all this rush, emotions, “not-my-goals and patterns” and so on. Often I feel tired, but it is not that “pleasant fatigue”, but some dirty stupor with all your energy taken by parasites. But I’ve found a medicine. Yes, for me ZU’s music is a way to heal myself. To purify my body-mind. How do I use it? With great pleasure) When I feel that I need to get cleansed, in the evening or sometimes in the midday, I just put on my headphones and listen. Sometimes my body wants to move to release all blocked energy. Sometimes I sit still or lay down. No matter. It works. It is like a kind of rope, helping you to keep in touch with light, love and purity. Few more words about ZU. We’ve met on the tropical island in Thailand. You know, I believe I can feel people. I needed just one sign to feel his kindness, openness and inner light. And it’s all in his music. Every sound is sincere and fair to the core. This music leads you; it goes up and down, in and out. So, as ZU says before his concerts – enjoy your trip! Mike Amelkin – Managing director


Bandiera italianaversione in italiano

  5 comments for “432 Hz PINDARIC FLIGHT – HOW I MADE IT!

  1. Kevin
    15 March 2017 at 10:00

    Thank you for your healing work brother. It touches my heart, my soul and spirit. Your resonance carries far and wide like the sailing winds and your heart pulses to the Earth. Much love and gratitude to share with you in this space.

    Blessings good friend,

  2. rozeni zelinski ganzer
    17 November 2017 at 14:08

    Bom dia queridos Tatiana e Andrea.Gratidão eterna pelo evento com este som maravilhoso no Rio Vermelho.Recebi todos os pranas dos caboclos do astral!

    • ZU
      19 November 2017 at 20:26

      Ola Rozeni! Foi um prazer tocar pra o PRANA DO ASTRAL 😉 Obrigado pela tua presença e pela tua joia! A gente se ve na Ilha da Magia. OBRIGADAO!

  3. Jennifer
    16 January 2023 at 17:03

    I’m looking forward to listening to as much as possible in a few minutes in hopes of calming & clarity before going into my 5th day in a brand new experience & path I’ve never had until now. I want to keep this job. I want to love this job, succeed, advance, grow & learn & give as much as receiving all in a healthy positive way. I NEED to demolish my bad habits & trauma &constantly feeling stuck in quicksand to get back to the me I miss.

  4. Zu
    17 January 2023 at 13:33

    Hello Jennifer, thanks a lot for your message. it takes a lot of courage and dedication to demolish bad habits & trauma. I think it should be our main work in this life! Music is certainly an excellent tool to help us in this big work. Congratulations for your choice and good luck. Zu

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