ICARO FELICE – Medicine music

the first album of Medicine music by ZuMusic

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What is Medicine music?

It is a genre that has its roots in the shamanic tradition of the Amazon rainforest where the shaman, in a trance state, through songs called Icaros, is able to call entities, forces, energies necessary for healing. From this shamanic spark, a vast repertoire of songs, mantras and hymns has developed over time, starting from Latin America, that today draws from cultures around the world. There are excellent conditions for thinking that medicine music will be the most listened to music in the future, in which the sound will be used to cure diseases!

Icaro Felice

It is my first CD of Medicine music with songs entirely composed and played by me (+ a cover and another piece of shamanic tradition) with the support of my partner Tati and others invited musicians.

They are Icaros (for voice, guitar, handpan and other instruments). The lyrics are in Italian, Portugues and Spanish. They invoke the ancestors, the power of peace, the power of love and the power of the heart. They are hymns to Mother Earth, the elements, plants and animals of power, the spirits of the forest, the entities of light, the sun and the stars.

Their intent is to remember that we are here to be happy!


What the package contains

Icaro Felice digital album MP3

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Bonustrack “Chamo a for├ža da floresta”

Songbook: lyrics and chords

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