Meeting with Ariadine – DEFUMATION

We meet Ariádine Cambruzzi, therapist and Umbandist, told us about the importance of DEFUMATION and HERBAL BATHS.

When a person is feeling energetically low feelings such as depression, nervousness, envy, no desire to live, he attracts the same kind of frequencies while continuing to feed this density more and more.
On the other hand, if a person vibrates in the energy of love, of gratitude, in a higher energy of light, he will not be able to attract more dense energies that are located below.

The smoke of the CASHIMBO or an herbal bath cleanses the body from these negative energies. Plants give off a vibration of light and therefore have the ability to bring us back into that kind of vibration.
You can use: TOBACCO, WHITE SAGE, ROSEMARY, LAVANDER etc to rebalance the person’s energy.

This is ancient knowledge, ancestral, which come from traditions such as the Umbanda but also from knowledge brought by slaves, caboclos and the same Italian immigrants in Brazil.

“My grandmother prepared this type of herbal tea as a remedy for various problems”. Apparently different cultures that bear the same message: let’s rely on the wisdom of plants. If you do not have the opportunity to take a bath with herbs or a defumation then hug a tree! We must learn to take the energy of light from the plants” (Ariadine)



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