Meeting with Marcos Vinicius

We met Marcos of Saravashivaya group.

With this group he plays during the shamanic healing rituals using the forest medicines. Here in Brazil, among the musicians who are dedicated to the composition of medicine music, he and his group are very well known and appreciated.

We had the pleasure to play together with Marcos during some rituals of the Shaman (and friend) Elves Do Juruá. His way of playing the guitar is very hypnotic and his songs are able to guide the experience with the master plants, from a state of profound introspection to a state of joy and euphoria to reach the physical involvement through the dance and the incorporation of entities.

Thanks Marcos, it was really nice to meet you! AHO

In this video he makes us listen to his music.

Discover the project IKARUNCHI – TRIBU VIBES

Music has always been a guide in my spiritual journey and at the same time my music is a reflection of my spiritual journey  that naturally manifested itself in my way of playing and expressing my musicality. Here in Brazil we have the opportunity to come into contact with various types of spiritual traditions: Catholicism which is our base, Spiritualism, Forest medicines, Umbanda, Santo Daime and Afro-Brazilian traditions. I personally drank from all these sources, my curiosity and the need to understand me more have brought me to various schools and this then led me to create what I consider my personal inner spiritual development, a contact with my deeper Self. Also this music I am about to sing speaks of this, of the union between the people of my land, Minas Gerais where my ancestral spirituality comes from, with the peoples of the forest that today is the great school that inspires me and brings me more learnings in this path” (Marcos Vinicius)



(HandPan & Analog synth in 432 hz)


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