Meeting with Emilio Dias

We met EMILIO DIAS musician-curandero of the spiritual community “Céu do Vale” of Pindamonhangaba – SP Brasil.

Emilio is about 30 years old but since he was a child he has been dealing with the master plants, thanks to the activities organized in the community in which he grew up. Therefore he has a deep knowledge and a lot of experience on this subject. Moreover, Emilio is an eclectic musician with high level virtuous and expressive skills.

Over the years he has created his own shamanic ritual that he called “7 MONTANHAS”. In this ritual, in which we have had the chance to participate, the introspective work with the master plants is guided by sounds ranging from the icaros of Brazil and Peru tribes to the rhythms of the Lakota Indians, to the songs of the Mexican tradition, to the arranged hymns of Santo Daime and Umbanda traditions.

A true force of nature! Thanks Emilio

In this video he makes us listen to music written and composed by him.

Discover the project IKARUNCHI – TRIBU VIBES

“This music, this call, this song is part of my repertoire dedicated to Ayahuasca medicine, a praise to nature, a wish of peace and harmony that I use in the closing part of the healing rituals.” (Emilio Dias)



(HandPan & Analog synth in 432 hz)

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