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Meeting with Ariadine – DEFUMATION

We meet Ariádine Cambruzzi, therapist and Umbandist, told us about the importance of DEFUMATION and HERBAL BATHS. When a person is feeling energetically low feelings such as depression, nervousness, envy, no desire to live, he attracts the same kind of frequencies while continuing to feed this density more and more. On the other hand, if a person vibrates in the… Read more →

Meeting with Emilio Dias

We met EMILIO DIAS musician-curandero of the spiritual community “Céu do Vale” of Pindamonhangaba – SP Brasil. Emilio is about 30 years old but since he was a child he has been dealing with the master plants, thanks to the activities organized in the community in which he grew up. Therefore he has a deep knowledge and a lot of… Read more →

Meeting with Marcos Vinicius

We met Marcos of Saravashivaya group. With this group he plays during the shamanic healing rituals using the forest medicines. Here in Brazil, among the musicians who are dedicated to the composition of medicine music, he and his group are very well known and appreciated. We had the pleasure to play together with Marcos during some rituals of the Shaman… Read more →

Ikarunchi – THE PROJECT

HOW THE IDEA WAS BORNED: In the professional and research path of ZU he has always promoted music as a vehicle of knowledge. Initially it was with the Project IL CAMMINO DELLA MUSICA (  where he used to travel to know people through their music and traditions in Latin America and then South Africa, India and finally Italy. In his… Read more →